Elevate College is a comprehensive Leadership Development experience located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer both fully accredited degrees through Northwest University as well as Ministry Leadership certificate programs that are designed to propel students into leadership both in ministry and the workplace. Elevate College is fully immersed in the culture of Elevate Life Church and is uniquely designed with a balance of academic rigor, student support, and real life application.


Whether you are starting your educational journey, finishing it or looking to expand, Elevate College has the right fit for you. Our four programs, combined with our immersive training, goes beyond a standard curriculum to prepare you to lead the next generation.


Meet Porschee! Porschee is going into her final semester of Elevate College as a Pastoral Leadership student. While the Comprehensive Program hasn’t been the easiest journey for her, it has been rewarding in more than a few ways.

Listen to her story of life change!