Before EC I would always pray for the Lord to bring me into a community.  I’ve found a lot of my best friends since joining and I’ve been able to experience what it’s like to build real long lasting relationships with other like minded believers.

Since joining EC one of the main things that I’ve seen change in my walk with Christ is my extra dedication to him as a son. Before coming to EC I struggled with what It meant to be a son of the house. Being here and being fathered by some of our leaders really helped me see that in relation to my walk with Christ. 

If youre interested in EC, give it a shot! Often the Lord uses people to push you into purpose and I knew coming in, beyond just my relationship with the Lord, I needed community to understand where and what the Lord was doing in me and where He was leading me. You’ll find your best friends, you’ll find mentors who genuinely care for you and want to call you higher. You’ll find purpose.

Greg Grant

1st Semester Pastoral Leadership Student

Elevate College has helped me define the calling God has placed on my life. The best words that I could use to describe what it’s like to be in EC : life changing.

The curriculum that we use, opportunities that are presented, and the time we get to spend with ministry leaders have all been the tools that are guiding me to living life with purpose.

At first, I was very hesitant in joining EC because I had already received a bachelor’s degree with the hopes of pursuing graduate school. I actually didn’t join EC until after attending my second Preview Night.

I would advise anyone going through EC to make the most of the experience. You will be stretched, but take the opportunity to immerse yourself into the family. Get to know everyone you can. A lot of times we are looking for God to bring us to new or better places, most of the time God uses people to get us there.

Amahd Simon

3rd Semester Pastoral Leadership Student

Elevate College has impacted my life SO much more than I ever could have imagined it would. I really only joined because I thought it would make my daughters proud one day; I wanted to disprove all the ugly untruths I had been told when I became a young mom. The Lord has given me so much more than that, though. I am more aware of my purpose, I have confidence in my role as a leader, I have self discipline and a whole new sense of self worth. When I first moved here, everyone I met at this church invited me to join EC, but I made every excuse in the book to not join for a whole year. I cannot remember who it was that actually convinced me to do it, but God bless them. 

When I look back on my journey at Elevate, everything I thought I knew about my walk with Christ has been flipped upside down and turned inside out. I never knew God this way before EC, I never knew myself this way before EC, I never saw others this way before EC. All things have changed in the most beautiful way for me since saying yes to Elevate College and walking in obedience. Even when it doesn't make sense, even when it seems impossible, even when it gets uncomfortable. Every moment has been so worth it. 

I love to call this church home. I love to call EC family.

Logan Raymond

2nd Semester Pastoral Leadership Student

Growing up I always wondered what the future would hold for me. In high school I didn’t have any healthy relationships and even struggled in a few of my classes. I couldn’t wait to graduate, and being a part of any college was a second thought. I didn’t receive any scholarships and couldn’t afford a college education. So I continued to work to help my parents keep up with our monthly expenses.  

As an adult, my career goals caused me to go back and pursue a college education, so I joined a community college because I assumed that’s as far as my grades would allow me to go. I never imagined I would go beyond that. I never had anyone push me to go further in my education. But this all changed when I joined Elevate Life Church.    

I joined Elevate College through the invitation from a friend and had no idea what to expect. Through Elevate College, I have gained community and a family full of healthy relationships. From the moment I joined Elevate College, I have been surrounded by people who have helped to push me forward in life and not hold me back.  

Though I am an EC graduate, I am currently a student of Northwest University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. Who would have ever thought! Thank you, Elevate Life Church, Elevate College for being such a positive influence on my life! Thank you, God, for guiding me to my forever family and helping me find my purpose!

Tierra Story

Elevate College 2019 Graduate, Pastoral Leadership