frequently asked questions

+ what is elevate college?

Elevate College is a comprehensive Leadership Development experience, offering fully accredited degrees through Northwest University as well as a Ministry Leadership certificate program and Internship Program.

+ what degrees are available?

Through our partnership with Northwest University, we are able to offer fully accredited degrees. The degrees offered by Northwest University that we offer our students are :

Associate of Arts
Associate of Arts in Ministry Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
Bachelor of Arts in Humanitarian Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

+ are these degrees accredited?

Northwest University offers the highest level of accreditation possible in the United States. Through our partnership with Northwest, students earn college credits toward AA and BA degrees that can be completed at Elevate Life Church, at Northwest University, or even transferred to other public and private colleges or universities.

+ what's the difference between the degree and the certificate program?

Both programs have similar experiences, however degree seeking students will be taking fully accredited courses through Northwest University alongside their Ministry Leadership certificate program.

+ is there only one certificate offered?

Yes, Elevate College offers one Ministry Leadership certificate.

Our Ministry Leadership certificate includes weekly chapel experiences and Ministry Leadership courses.

This certificate is desgined to fit into your schedule while giving you essential tools you need to excel in ministry and in the workplace.

+ what's the time commitment?

Students are required to sit one and serve one service each weekend and attend a Tuesday Night Chapel experience. Students who are accepted into our Internship Program have more extensive time commitments.

+ what is the application fee?

Currently, there is no application fee for our two Certificate programs. However, if you are applying to Northwest University through Elevate College, you will be required to pay NU a $30 application fee.

+ what is the cost of elevate college?

The price varies between our certificate and degree programs. For more information see tuition & fees.

+ how do I apply for elevate college?

Apply online to complete the application for admission. It’s that simple!

need more info?

Our admissions reps are here to help! We'd love to answer any question you might have about Elevate College. Click the button to the right for a few ways to contact us and we'll reach out as soon as we can.