We love our students! They consistently go ABOVE + BEYOND for our church family and surrounding communities and we can not be more proud. This semester brought about a lot of anxiety, a lot of “set backs”, trials, and struggles but these students just don’t quit. This worldwide pandemic allowed all of our students to experience our newly developed Distance Learning program, which we plan to carry into coming semesters.

These students stuck with us throughout all of the ups and downs of figuring out new platforms for communicating, new ways of staying in community, and so many changes we have made and continue to make to our Elevate College experience. They are the real MVP’s!

From our Pop-Up Pantry, pumping gas for healthcare workers, providing lunches to first responders, and hosting our LIVE online services, we can’t even put to words how much each of these incredible students mean to us. 

Will you help us show some appreciation?