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COVID-19 Student Outreach

COVID-19 STUDENT OUTREACHWe love our students! They consistently go ABOVE + BEYOND for our church family and surrounding communities and we can not be more proud. This semester brought about a lot of anxiety, a lot of "set backs", trials, and struggles but these...

Welcome, Bela!

MEET BELA! Bela is joining Elevate College as a Comprehensive Degree-Seeking student! What does that mean? It means that Bela is pursuing a degree through Northwest University as well as completing Ministry Leadership and Practicum courses through Elevate College. She...

Welcome Beanca to the EC Fam!

‼️ NEW STUDENT ALERT ‼️ Beanca will be joining us as a Comprehensive student this Fall! Beanca has been faithfully serving on our Broadcast Team and handles different aspects of the behind-the-scenes production process.  Beanca has been attending ELC since 2013 and...