Elevate College is a comprehensive leadership development experience that will challenge you with the practicalities of doing ministry in a contemporary, fast-growing church context. With both a certificate program and the option to attain a fully accredited college degree through our partnership with Northwest University, students will grow in knowledge of leadership and develop leadership qualities that will help them succeed in ministry and the workplace.

Northwest University is a christian university that has been in existence since 1934. Through our partnership with NU, students can earn college degrees with the highest level of academic accreditation at a discounted rate. All tuition costs are eligible for federal financial aid.

Elevate College is uniquely designed with a balance of academic rigor, student support, and real-life application. With programs built for both working adults and college-age students, the ministry opportunities available through Elevate Life Church blend with Northwest’s academic resources. These two aspects combine sensitivity to individual callings with sound pragmatic instruction. The intense leadership training you receive prepares you to excel, both within the church and marketplace. Northwest and Elevate Life Church will coordinate their efforts as students develop personally, socially, spiritually, and professionally to fulfill their God-planned design.

It’s a calling. It’s a privilege. And above all, it’s a chance to be empowered. We want to raise up world changers and leaders. People who are awakened to the God-given potential inside of them to make an impact for the glory of God using the gifts God has blessed them with.

At Elevate College, it is our mission to connect people with purpose. It is our goal for students to grow closer in their relationship with Christ while they are developed as leaders.


Before EC I would always pray for the Lord to bring me into a community.  I’ve found a lot of my best friends since joining and I’ve been able to experience what it’s like to build real long lasting relationships with other like minded believers.

Since joining EC one of the main things that I’ve seen change in my walk with Christ is my extra dedication to him as a son. Before coming to EC I struggled with what It meant to be a son of the house. Being here and being fathered by some of our leaders really helped me see that in relation to my walk with Christ. 

If youre interested in EC, give it a shot! Often the Lord uses people to push you into purpose and I knew coming in, beyond just my relationship with the Lord, I needed community to understand where and what the Lord was doing in me and where He was leading me. You’ll find your best friends, you’ll find mentors who genuinely care for you and want to call you higher. You’ll find purpose.

Greg Grant

1st Semester Pastoral Leadership Student