An audition is required before admission into the Creative Leadership Practicum. Click here to audition.

The Creative Leadership Practicum is a highly interactive program designed to teach students the elements of visual ministry. Students have the option to choose between the Film track or the Communications track. 

Film Leadership emphasizes the capture of relatable and relevant video of how God is working in individuals’ lives. Our Communications Leadership track showcases relative aspects of church ministry and togetherness through graphic design, photography and social media.

Visual communication is an essential part of the church. From broadcasting our weekend services to interacting on social platforms, our visual media is the window into Elevate Life Church to those who have never stepped foot inside our walls. Our Creative Practicum students have the opportunity to have a hand in what people outside of our church walls see.

Students in this practicum will learn and gain experience from our Film or Communications Directors in a variety of areas including videography, cinematography, video editing, video directing, graphic design, photography, social media engagement and more!